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Try To Stay Awake

The method may sound a little counter-productive at first, but it is a technique that has worked for some.

It basically involves the use of reverse psychology in order to get your mind to fall asleep. This method is also based on the law of attraction. Since we attract what we want and also what we don't want, then by NOT wanting to fall asleep, we end up falling asleep.

It is basically fooling your mind into thinking that you DO NOT want to fall asleep. The result...you fall asleep! Sounds crazy, but it works for some people.

This method was actually mentioned in the film "Saving Private Ryan". The character, Pvt. Daniel Jackson (played by actor Barry Pepper), mentions that he would try to stay awake to see his mother when she would get home from work. This desire to stay awake always had the opposite effect.

Try To Stay Awake To Fall Asleep (Step-By-Step):

Step 1:
Turn off the lights or dim them. Remove any noise distractions in the room.

Step 2:
Close your eyes and imagine that there is something beneficial or important that requires you to stay awake.
For example, let's say that a package is arriving at midnight and you have to be awake to answer the door.

Step 3:
Now with this idea in mind, "feel" the importance and need to stay awake.
Think to yourself "I need to stay awake" to get yourself into the idea of not wanting to fall asleep.

Step 4:
Keep repeating "I need to stay awake".
Repeat it like a mantra in your mind as you lie in the darkness.
Eventually, not wanting it will have the reverse effect and you will begin to drift off to sleep.

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